Level: Advanced

Audience: Banks and service providers

Description: This is a one-day intensive course for people who respond to RFPs. It is
very hands-on with the participants practicing with live cases and samples of real RFPs.


1. It begins with the customer
  • Why customers issue RFPs
  • Types of RFPs
  • Objectives and motives
  • What do they want out of the process

2. Preparing to write the proposal
  • Information you need before you start writing
  • Important questions to ask
  • What are the customer's priorities
  • What if your customer is using a consultant?
  • Using the Proposal Template

3. Elements of a Proposal
  • Executive summary
  • Current situation and objectives
  • Recommendations and proposed solutions
  • Technical details
  • Pricing and pro forma analysis
  • Service level guarantees
  • Relationship team
  • Implementation
  • References

4. It ends with the customer
  • What is the appropriate format?
  • Not all customers are the same
  • Not all proposals are the same
  • When to use Word, when to use PowerPoint
  • Group exercise
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