Among many other business interests, Allman-
Ward Associates, Inc.
also manages Windrock
(Windrock). Two hundred and fifty
acres on the Central Coast of California, the
vineyard produces a limited amount of Rhône
varietal white wines and the orchard grows a
special variety of
Cailletier (Niçoise) aka
Taggliasca olives.
Allman-Ward Associates, Inc.
Windrock is a small vineyard specializing in classic Rhône white grape varieties
(Viognier, Marsanne and Roussanne.)

Production is small, with approximately 3 tons of Viognier and 1½ tons each of
Marsanne and Roussanne.  The vines are all Tablas Creek clones, sourced from their
nursery and planted in 2001.

Viognier: (805 SV1c Viognier J S04 BG) (01 on S04 rootstock)
Marsanne: (367) (02 on 1103P rootstock)
Roussanne: (384) (01 on S04 rootstock)

The vineyard is located to the west of York Mountain AVA at 1,800 feet
on Santa
Rosa Creek Road and therefore benefits from large amounts of
rain (average annual
rainfall between 30 and 40 inches
), minimizing the need for irrigation.

Although above the fog line, nights are cool and the days warm and sunny,
achieving over 3,300 heat degree days each year
. Temperatures rarely fall below
or reach above 100 degrees.  Wind is a constant presence which minimizes
the chance of mildew.  The vineyard is carefully monitored and managed by the

The topography is rocky and hilly with clay/loam/sandstone soil above a deeper
calcareous layer that produces water with a Ph of 7.2-7.4.

While the cooler climate extends the growing season and hang time, the
combination of soil and climate allows the Viognier to reach 24-26 Brix with Ph of
3.5 at harvest in early-mid September
and the Marsanne and Roussanne 22-23 Brix
and 3.6 Ph at harvest in mid-late September. These are typical analyses for these
varieties grown in cool climate conditions.

In the past
, the grapes have been sold to local Paso Robles wineries including Grey
Wolf, Croad, Lone Madrone, Clavo Cellars, Optio, Turtle Rock, Monochrome and
Kiamie.  Folktale Winery in Carmel Valley has also bought the Marsanne and

The Viognier has won several medals.
  • In 2015, Clavo Cellars  won a silver medal for the 2013 vintage at the San
    Francisco  Chronicle competition – see https://winejudging.
  • At the California Mid-state Fair, the Viognier has won awards in several years
    in the home winemakers' competition (for 2019 see https://storage.
  • In 2020, the Viognier was awarded a gold medal, BEST WHITE and BEST IN
    SHOW, which is extremely rare for a white wine in the region - see https:

The Viognier is normally harvested in mid-September and yields between 3 and 4
tons. The Marsanne and Roussanne varieties produce approximately 1 ½ tons each
and are usually harvested separately but
on the same day approximately 1-2 weeks
later than the Viognier.

indrock will provide the buyer with analyses for Brix, pH and TA of samples for
each variety prior to harvest, but
the buyer will determine the required level of
ripeness. The date of the harvest is determined based on the availability of labor

and harvest equipment and only with the approval of the buyer.

The fruit is hand harvested into Windrock’s (or buyer’s) ½ ton macro bins
separated by variety.

The buyer is expected to sign a written contract or memorandum of understanding
(“MOU”) that c
onfirms the terms of sale, including the price, which is determined
each year based on the quality of the fruit
and the level of demand for each variety.
The price includes loading the bins onto the buyers’ trailers. If
desired by buyer,
indrock can deliver locally in the Paso Robles area for an extra fee, which will be
negotiated and included in the contract/MOU.

In addition to the vineyard, Windrock has approximately 110 olive trees, also
planted in 2001.  

There is a mix of varieties, but all are French or Italian.  Approximately half o
f the
trees are
Taggiasca from the Liguria region of Italy – the same variety as “Cailletier
or “Nicoise” olives from the South of France. They were the first trees
of this variety
approved by the Federal Agricultural Department for planting in the US.  The
remainder are a mix of Aglandau, Bouteillan, Frantoio, Leccino, Pendolino and

The crop is hand harvested and pressed within 3 hours of harvest.

The oil always exceeds the California Olive Oil Council extra virgin olive oil standards
and has won medals in the California Mid-state County Fair.  In 2019 the oil won a
silver medal in the Central Coast Olive Oil Competition.  

For more information contact Peter Allman-Ward at:
Tel: (213) 680 7743
Email: paw@allmanward.com
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