Level: Fundamental

Audience: Banks and corporates

Description: Many employees are asked to manage projects but are rarely given
specific project management training, and yet the success of a project rests almost
entirely on how well it has been managed. This highly interactive workshop covers the
skills necessary to define, plan and complete any type of project, and provides useful
tools for planning and managing future assignments.
This can be run as a full day workshop with many interactive exercises, or as a
shorter 3 1/2 hour intensive training program or webinar.
Participants end up with a practical tool and template for managing projects or being
part of a project team.


1. Introduction to Project Management
  • What is a project?
  • Group exercise
  • What makes projects fail or succeed?

2. Planning the Work
  • Defining the project
  • Group exercise      
  • Inventory the information
  • Recognizing the roadblocks
  • Eliminate the barriers
  • Class exercise

3. Construct the Action Plan
  • Class exercise
  • Timing and scheduling

4. The Project Action Plan
  • Class exercise

5. Working the Plan: Tips for Execution
  • Meetings
  • Status updates
  • Risk and contingencies
  • Typical errors
  • Post mortem

6. Essential Skills for Project Managers
  • Leadership
  • Negotiation
  • Team building
  • Communication

Exercises: Participants get to practice the skills they are learning on real-live projects.
Students learn about the project work flow planning and receive a very practical tool,
the Project Action Plan that they can use for planning future projects.
Global Strategic Planning
Allman-Ward Associates, Inc.