Level: Fundamental

Audience: Banks and corporates

Description: This intensive two-day workshop combines theory and practice,
teaching participants the basics of managing a product from initial concept through
product launch and management through the product life-cycle. The role of a product
manager requires many skills. The objective of this training is for product managers
to gain competency in market assessment, segmentation, competitive analysis and
financial analytics. The role of a product manager is discussed in detail. The training
emphasizes successful processes developed from best practices, plus provides tools
and checklists.

Agenda – Day 1:

1. Introduction To The Course  
    •  Objectives
    •  Review of agenda
    •  What do participants want to get out of the course?

2. The Role Of The Product Manager
    •  What is product management?
    •  Definition
    •  The product manager's job
    •  Typical responsibilities
    •  Role of the product manager

3. Essential Skills And Competencies
    •  Communication - checking for comprehension
    •  Exercise: The difficulty of communicating accurately
    •  Negotiation – Getting to “Yes”
    •  Time management
    •  Exercise: What is on your “To Do” list

4. Strategic Planning - The Big Picture
    •  The strategic planning process
    •  The action plan
    •  Exercise: Determining goals, strategies and tactics
    •  Analyzing the market
    •  Business context
    •  Customer analysis
    •  Competitive analysis
    •  Market research – Data gathering
    •  Exercise: What type of research would you use

5. Product Development
    •  Product development models
    •  Product development cycle

6. Building The Business Case
    •  Business case template
    •  Exercise: Analyze examples of a business case  

Agenda – Day 2:  

7. Product Launch  
    •  Product launch template
    •  Tips for managing projects
    •  Marketing plan template

8. The Importance Of Analytics
    •  Business analytics
    •  Analyzing the product financials
    •  Exercise: What are the questions to ask about variances?

9. Product Life Cycle Management       
    •  The Product Life Cycle (PLC)
    •  Exercise: The PLC and Boston Matrix

10. Case Studies
Global Strategic Planning
Allman-Ward Associates, Inc.