Level: Fundamental

Audience: Banks

Description: This course is designed for sales, product and back office staff that is
new to the function of cash management. It is an introduction to what they can
expect from their customers, their challenges and issues. The course is highly
interactive and ends with a case study.


1. The Customer 101 - Important Concepts
  • Operating cycle
  • Cash flow time line
  • The concept of float
  • Characteristics of cash flows
  • Objectives of cash management
  •  Liquidity - the most important function

2. The Role Of The Treasurer
  • The key player s
  • Difference between treasury and cash management functions
  • Interaction with the organisation

3. A Day In The Life Of A Treasurer
  • The treasury management process
  • Responsibilities
  • What does a treasurer want from a bank?
  • What does a bank want from the treasurer?

4. Modern Treasury Structures
  • Centralization
  • Shared Service Centers (SSC)
  • Outsourcing
  • Enterprise Wide Systems (ERP)
  • Application Service Providers/Business Service Providers (ASP/BSP)
  • Commissionaire structure
  • The Virtual Treasurer

5. What Is Important To Your Customer?
  • Survey results

6. Buying Banking Services
  • Criteria for selecting bank services
  • Bank relationship strategy
  • Managing the RFP process
  • The bank selection process
  • Issues
  • Corporate examples

7. CASE STUDY: Chocolate Cake Corp
Global Strategic Planning