Level: Fundamental

Audience: Banks and corporates

Description: A basic guide to cash management and banking for entry level or newly
hired staff. This one-day course provides a quick overview of all basic concepts in a
fun and interactive format.


1. The Banking Environment
  • Are all banks created equal?
  • Team Exercise: What are your requirements from a bank if you are an
    Individual? Company? Broker/Dealer? Other Financial Institution?
  • The main duties of a bank
  • Types of bank account
  • Types of account holder
  • Class exercise: Examples of when and who might use these different accounts
  • Role of the Central Bank

2. Important concepts
  • Cash versus accrual
  • Float
  • Value dating
  • Finality
  • Time value of money
  • Interest/discount
  • Cost of capital
  • Economic value added
  • Banker’s Jeopardy: Give the name for the following banking definitions

3. Collection and Payment Instruments
  • Paper based
                Bank drafts
                Bills of exchange
                Promissory notes
  • Team exercise: Name those parts!
  •  Check float
  •  Class exercise: Which countries use them and why?
                 Issues with paper
  • Electronic
                 Urgent wires
                Standard EFT
                Issues with electronic transfers
  • Plastic and other
                 Credit cards
                Charge cards
                Debit cards
                Smart cards
                Procurement cards
  • Team exercise: Map the values by payment type

4. Bank Charges and Statements
  • Why is the bank in business?
  • Sources of revenue
  • Account analyses
  • Types of charges

5. Settlement and Clearing
  • Net settlement versus real-time gross settlement
  • International clearing and settlement systems
  • Correspondent banks
  • Nostros and vostros
  • Quiz
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