Level: Intermediate

Audience: Corporates

Description: Today, almost all major business is awarded through the RFP process. This one-
day workshop is designed to help a corporate in the process of buying bank services for
international cash management, although the techniques can be applied to buying any type of
financial service. It takes a step-by-step approach and provides practical examples. The
workshop includes examples and exercises. After attending the workshop, participants will have a
template they can apply when sending out their next RFP.


1. Introduction

2. Plan the Project
  • Vendor selection process
  • Questions and issues
  • Construct the action plan
  • Team exercise
  • The WBS

3. Determine Selection Criteria
  • Team exercise
  • Criteria for selection
  • Individual exercise
4. Prepare the RFP
  • Service provider selection
  • RFI and RFP
  • Team exercise

5. Analyze the Responses
  • Analysis
  • Case study

6. Select the Right Partner  
  • The beauty parade
  • Is the solution a good fit
  • Informing vendors of the decision
  • Vendor selection case studies

7. Issues and Considerations
  • Pricing
  • Standardized RFPs
  • Using consultants

8. Best Practices
Global Strategic Planning
Allman-Ward Associates, Inc.