Level: Advanced

Audience: Banks and service providers

Description: This one-day workshop provides banks and service providers with some
unique insights and tools to help them sell more effectively. Understanding the
process and how companies award business helps avoid some of the pitfalls and is
essential in order to be successful. This course also introduces the concept of the
Product Portfolio Sales Strategy, a breakthrough model developed by Allman-Ward
Associates, Inc., and provides participants with a template for managing the RFP


1. The Vendor Selection Process
  • The players
  • The process
  •  Case study: Students work through the sales process using a real-life case,  
    where a company solicited and awarded a cash management bid.

2. Step 1: Sales Planning
  • Case study: Part 1
  • Due diligence
  • Understand your customer
  • Identify cash management needs
  • Understand your bank

3. Step 2: The Initial Call
  • Case study: Part II
  • What is an effective customer call?
  • Plan the call
  • Objectives of the call
  • Probing
  • Follow-up

4. Step 3: The Product Portfolio Sales Strategy
  • The model
  • Plotting the Product Portfolio© grid
  • How to use the grid

5. Step 4: Responding To The RFP/RFI
  • Understand customer buying behaviour and criteria
  • Build customized cash management solutions
  • Issues and hot buttons
         - Global versus local bank
         - Implementation
         - SLAs
  • Case study: Part III

6. Presenting The Proposal
  • What to expect at the meeting
  • How to prepare
  • Handling objections
  • Effective communication

7. The Post Mortem
  • What was learned from the experience?
  • If you lost the bid - what can be salvaged?
Global Strategic Planning
Allman-Ward Associates, Inc.