Level: Fundamental

Audience: Banks and corporates

Description: This intensive two-day workshop combines theory and practice, teaching
participants the basics of managing a product from initial conception through product
launch and management through the product life-cycle. The role of our product
managers requires many skills. The objective of this training is for product managers
to gain competency in market assessment, segmentation, competitive analysis and
financial analytics. The role of a product manager is discussed in detail. The training
emphasizes successful processes developed from best practices, plus provides tools
and checklists.

Agenda – Day 1:

1. Introduction To The Course  
    •  Objectives
    •  Review of agenda
    •  What do participants want to get out of the course?

2. The Role Of The Product Manager
    •  What is product management?
    •  Definition
    •  The product manager's job
    •  Typical responsibilities
    •  Role of the product manager

3. Essential Skills And Competencies
    •  Communication - checking for comprehension
    •  Exercise: The difficulty of communicating accurately
    •  Negotiation – Getting to “Yes”
    •  Time management
    •  Exercise: What is on your “To Do” list

4. Strategic Planning - The Big Picture
    •  The strategic planning process
    •  The action plan
    •  Exercise: Determining goals, strategies and tactics
    •  Analyzing the market
    •  Business context
    •  Customer analysis
    •  Competitive analysis
    •  Market research – Data gathering
    •  Exercise: What type of research would you use

5. Product Development
    •  Product development models
    •  Product development cycle

6. Building The Business Case
    •  Business case template
    •  Exercise: Analyze examples of a business case  

Agenda – Day 2:  

7. Product Launch  
    •  Product launch template
    •  Tips for managing projects
    •  Marketing plan template

8. The Importance Of Analytics
    •  Business analytics
    •  Analyzing the product financials
    •  Exercise: What are the questions to ask about variances?

9. Product Life Cycle Management       
    •  The Product Life Cycle (PLC)
    •  Exercise: The PLC and Boston Matrix

10. Case Studies
Global Strategic Planning
Consulting, Inc.