Level: Advanced

Audience: Banks, service providers and corporates

Description: For those who have already achieved the AFP's Corporate Treasury Professional (CTP)
or CCM credential the next level of achievement is the ACT's Certificate in International Cash
Management (CertICM). The CertICM is one way of building a solid knowledge base of the
international cash management environment.

What is the CertICM?
The CertICM is the only international cash management credential available today. It is an intensive
six-month program comprising of a 600-page body of knowledge, two interim tests to ensure
progress in learning the concepts, a five-day tutorial course and a final written examination. The
tutorial school is a mandatory part of the certification that not only reviews the more difficult
concepts but also broadens the students' understanding by bringing in a number of corporate
practitioners to illustrate application of the theory in real life.

Should You Consider the CertICM?
The CertICM is recognized throughout the world as the leading international cash management
qualification. Corporate treasurers and bankers travel from all areas of the globe to take this exam.
The CertICM is a very rigorous program from which the students will gain:
  • A detailed understanding of international cash management from both a corporate and a
    banking perspective
  • An understanding of the wider context in which cash management fits in corporate treasury
    and international banking
  • An extensive toolkit for practical international cash management, including the use of
    instruments and strategies for optimizing cash management efficiency
  • The ability to add real value in the negotiation of international cash management arrangements

The syllabus covers:
  • International clearing and settlement systems
  • Foreign exchange
  • Liquidity tools, netting, pooling and concentration
  • Organization of the international treasury
  • Account structures
  • Foreign currency accounts
  • Cash management links to other areas of treasury
  • Technology and systems for treasury
  • Corporate structures and organization
  • Links with working capital management
  • Legal, tax and regulatory issues

In addition to the manual, the program is fully supported through an e-learning site on the Web with
interactive exercises, discussion forum and sources for further reading.

There are a number of options based on where the student prefers to take the tutorial course. In all
cases, arrangements can be made for the exam to be taken in the student's home town.

1. Open enrolment courses are currently being offered in the UK, US, Brussels, Copenhagen, Ireland,
Australia, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Mumbai, Dubai and Singapore.
2. Another option is for a client to sponsor a tutorial course, which can considerably lower the overall
cost per student. Sponsoring a course entails:
  • Enrolling a significant group
  • Taking on some of the local administration for the course
  • Offering facilities for running the course

Sponsors are free to include other companies from the region in the tutorial course.

For more information go to:
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